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  • Do you offer skin consultation?
    Yes, for a small fee, email:
  • Are your products completely natural / vegan?
    Yes! None of our products contain any animal derived ingredients, honey or beeswax. We are truly vegan-friendly.
  • Are you certified organic?
    Not at the moment, but our products are formulated in line with recognised organic standards and we are working towards certifying them. Our small manufacturing unit is still relatively new and a lot of paperwork and tracking is required for certification, which we are putting in place.
  • Are the products safe to use during pregnancy?
    We have formulated our products to be as safe to use during pregnancy as possible. However, someof our products do contain essentials oils and alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) which are not normally recommended in pregnancy, it is included at a very low % but best to avoid if worried. Please let us know which product you are interested in and we will provide the exact breakdown of allergens contained in the formula so that you can check with your physician/doctor if you are concerned.
  • How much is it to ship to…..?
    We ship to most countries in the world from our studio in Northamptonshire, England. You can find out if we ship to your country and how much it would be by adding something to your shopping cart and then entering your details to calculate shipping. If your country isn't listed, we can't ship to it as yet, but please email us for further details: .
  • Do you ship to Zimbabwe?
    Unfortunately, not at the moment, but we will let you know as soon as we are able to
  • Can I get samples of your products?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer sample product at the moment.
  • Can I collaborate with you?
    We would be pleased to discuss this with you! Please let us know more about you and your audience and we will let you know if we think there is a good fit.
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